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HTI Group Members

HTI Group Members HTI Group Members



HTI Technological Solutions Company Limited (HTSC) is a member company of HTI Group. HTSC is one of the leading providers of technological products, services and solutions in Vietnam, driven by facilitating and utilizing the potential of Vietnamese intelligence to the world.

Our mission is to research, develop and provide technology solutions, digital transformation for the Government and businesses in many fields such as Banking and Finance, Education, Retail, etc.
HTSC’s products and solutions are researched and developed based on modern knowledge and technology for the purpose of solving complex problems of domestic and international customers. 

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Vibotics Joint Stock Company (Vibotics) is a member company of HTI Group specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) and Blockchain application solutions to serve the needs of automation in production and business,…

Based on artificial intelligence (AI), Vibotics aims to bring businesses automation solutions to improve labor productivity, save costs, increase profits for businesses and customer satisfaction. Focusing on research and development activities, optimization of AI solutions, training and development of artificial intelligence, Vibotics hopes to bring artificial intelligence applied to all aspects of life and spread globally, the goal is to bring millions of people around the world to access and use Vibotics’ services.



HTI Services is a member company of HTI Group.

HTI Services provides leading services and solutions for data security, information safety, network security, leading solutions in digital forensics as well as data recovery. Led by members with over 10 years of in-depth experience in digital forensics, high-tech crime investigation and electronic data recovery; Over the years, HTI Services has handled hundreds of civil cases and assisted law enforcement in the field of electronic digital forensics as well as high-tech crime investigations. With a system of modern laboratories and a highly qualified team and well-trained technicians, HTI Services is confident to bring the best and suitable solutions to customers.

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HTI Scientific One Member Limited Company (HTI Scientific) is a member of HTI Group. HTI Scientific distributes scientific equipment of leading brands in the world in the Vietnam’s market.

HTI Scientific is the distribution representative for many brands such as: PerkinElmer (USA), Bioneer (Korea), Amos Scientific (Australia), Edibon (Spain), Biolog (USA), Ecosafe (Switzerland), etc,… Serving in the fields of biochemistry, medicine, food safety, pharmaceuticals, environmental quality control, chemicals for laboratories, research institutes, testing centers, universities, colleges, hospitals and businesses nationwide.

Operated by a team of highly qualified and well-trained personnel, HTI Scientific confidently provides customers with the most advanced products, technology solutions, professional support and warranty services.



HTI Investment Limited Company (HTI Invest) is a member company of HTI Group.

HTI Invest focuses on investment and development of real estate, construction, financial investment, investment cooperation in technology projects, … HTI Invest makes maximum use of all resources and knowledge to bring benefits and satisfaction to customers. With strong business resources, deep understanding and horse- trading, and a team of experienced personnel, HTI Invest is growing day by day and raising its position, creating more products and solutions, bringing trust, satisfaction and benefits to customers and partners.

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