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About Us

About Us About Us

About us

HTI Investment and Technologies Joint Stock Company (HTI Group) was founded and managed by a talented team with many years of experience in the area of homeland security and defense. We are one of the largest companies providing equipment and solutions for the armed forces, law enforcement agencies, and crime investigation authorities – in particular, products that are of valuable to the national security and investigation, forensic science, cybersecurity and intelligence agencies.

Envisaged to “keep up with the world state-of-the-art technologies”, our outstanding products have made a significant contribution to the security and investigation forces in defending against crimes and national security. In addition, HTI also provides scientific and technical equipment in the fields of: Education, medical, mechanical, automation, measurement, testing, chemistry, physics, biology and environment.

Trusted by global partners, We are committed to providing customers with a variety of premium products and comprehensive solutions.

Core Values

Our people: Human resource development is our priority. Here, opportunities are created equal to every employee. Critical thinking and creativity are fostered to self-perfection, we encourage our people to strive for excellence in their jobs while rewarding lives in the workplace where every member is proud of.

Our clients and partners:With long-run expertise and proven business successes, we have been doing our best to bring great values to our local and global clients and partners based on long-term, win-win business collaboration.


Our vision is to be a pioneer in research, development and application of high-tech and strategic products in the national security and defense industry.

Our vision


Our mission is promote the development of Vietnam’s national security and defense industry by providing state-of-the-art products and comprehensive solutions in response to defending against crimes and safeguarding national security.


Led by a talented executive team with years of vast experience and backed by experienced, professional and well-trained staffs of excellence at products and market insights, we are confident to offer the best quality products and solutions at affordable prices.

Thanks to prestige and versatile resources, HTI has been trusted and partnered up with the world famous companies to provide the products and solutions with up-to-date technologies to Vietnam, considerably supporting the law enforcement agencies in the defense against crimes and security safeguard of the entire country.