USB, SD Card Data Recovery

USB, SD Card Data Recovery

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SanDisk, Seagate, Kingston, Toshiba, Samsung, and other popular USB manufacturer are doing very well by providing excellent USB drives. A USB drive is portable for users to take anywhere and fast to read, write, transfer and save data. All those fantastic features help us easily transfer data or store data. However, since most people rush to store their important data on them and improper operations occur often, data loss on a USB seems unavoidable for most USB users. Is there any way to recover files from usb? What to do when you lost data on the USB drive, SD card or other storage devices?

USB flash storage relies on a microcontroller, flash memory chips (NAND), USB interface and a crystal oscillator, all of which are prone to physical damage and logical corruption. While there are no moving parts in a flash drive, they degrade simply due to the amount of write operations. Similarly the USB connector can wear out over time and the PCB is prone to damage. Given the size of USB parts and multi-layered circuitry, data recovery can be a challenge.

Our engineers can recover data from flash memory chips, as well as physically damaged USB drives. We have developed the latest generation software and hardware tools for recovering data from all types of removable media.

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